Engine of a Mini Seven racing Mini
Photo: Copyright © 2009 Eelke Blok

Whipers whiping once more

As I wrote in yesterday's entry, the windscreen whiper cable had broken on the white Cooper. My dad went to Mini Centre Huissen today to get a new one. This evening we fitted everything back together. We had to cut the cable in half, or thereabouts (universal model that was waaaay to long for the Mini), but everything is fitted now, and all greased up. So, let the rain come down on us.

What a weekend

Wow, what a weekend. Hold on, because I just noticed this is by and large my longest blog-post to so far (or, I managed to keep my typing under control so far). Sorry, and congratulations to you in advance if you make it to the end.

Cooper terug

Joepie! Mijn Cooper is terug, en hij loopt weer geweldig. Er zijn twee belangrijke problemen boven water gekomen; een klep zat veel te strak (waarom? Laten we hopen dat dit niet nog een staartje krijgt) en er zat geen demperolie in de carb.

IMM and SMOB pictures

Finally! We've already returned from our holiday in the UK some five weeks ago, and only now I got to putting all my pictures online. Check out the pictures of the Shakespeare Mini on Broadway tour, the International Mini Meeting and the week following it in the picture section. Also some pictures of the rolling road tune of the white Cooper and the Brooklands.

IMM en SMOB foto's

Eindelijk! We zijn al zo'n vijf weken terug van onze vakantie in Engeland, en nu pas ben ik eraan toe gekomen om mijn foto's online te zetten. Check de foto's van de Shakespeare Mini on Broadway toer, de International Mini Meeting en de week die er op volgde in de foto-sectie. Ook zijn er een aantal foto's van de witte Cooper en de Brooklands op de rollenbank.

Wireless LAN

Guess where I am typing this from. I am chilling in my bed, planning to go to sleep in a few minutes. My laptop is on the sheets, and no wires are running to it... WTF?!? Yup. This morning, my Linksys Wireless Access Point arrived, which means that I can now surf the Internet on my laptop whereever I want around the house. Cool!