Customized Suzuki Intruder in French village
Photo: Copyright © 2014 Eelke Blok

White Cooper

78 PK

Een update is alweer lang over tijd. Een aantal weken geleden hebben we een dyno dag gehad met de Mini Seven Club en wat ik al dacht te voelen is nu bevestigd door harde feiten: 78 pk schoon aan de haak. Dat is dan aan de krukas, bij SpeedCentre wordt d.m.v. uitrollen een schatting gedaan van de verliezen in de aandrijflijn. Helemaal niet slecht, Joost heeft weer eens eer van zijn werk. Het lek is boven, om het zo maar te zeggen. Binnenkort maar eens een project plan gaan maken van alle zaken die ik aan de auto wil doen.


It's a bit late to report, but last sunday, the overhauled cylinder head as created by Joost went back on the white Cooper. In the end, valve seats went in for all four inlet valves, because the other valves were not properly cut either (was just not as apparent as with the one valve). Joost also performed some magic on the flowing of the head, and reckons the head should already make a good difference.

Shameful saturday

Looks like I've commited to reporting everything that happens in my automotive live, so it wouldn't be fair to only report about the good times (and the moderately bad, see chrome trim episodes), but also the bad and shameful times. So, here goes...

Trim trouble... no more

Yes! After having reported about the not-so-great attempt at fitting new chrome trim to the white Cooper, we put a lot of thought into how to proceed. I considered paying someone with a proven track record numerous times, although the thought that we should be able to do this was always present too. One thing was certain; we wouldn't be sattisfied with the trim looking like it did. Certainly not when knowing full well there were Mini's out there that did get it right.