Engine of a Mini Seven racing Mini
Photo: Copyright © 2009 Eelke Blok

Goodbye GeekBrief, hello GeekBeat?

Ever since I got my Apple TV, I have been watching video podcasts on it (and is now the sole reason I haven't switched to Plex completely), and the one that's been in my iTunes subscription list since the very beginning is GeekBrief.tv. Imagine my surprise when I saw the show notes for episode 780, and then watched the episode itself. The last episode? Well, sort of. Immediately after going to CaliLewis.me, I found out Cali is continuing, but under a different name - GeekBeat - and now with Revision3 (of Diggnation fame, GeekBrief used to be with Mevio). No idea what has been going on,...

TUAW: Mac Mini gets a sneaky update: spec bump, unibody enclosure, HDMI

Wow... The Mac Mini has received an update. It now has HDMI, a new, sexy case (aluminium, unibody and much lower) and some other nice spec updates. But especially the HDMI and the new form factor scream "move over AppleTV, I'm going for the living room". Now we just have to wait for Apple to update Frontrow with the next version of OS X.

A Mini-trip to Germany

I've uploaded some pics of our trip to Germany with Go4It, including the 2010 International Mini Meeting. You may have spotted them on Flickr already, but just in case you haven't, here's a direct link to the set: Go4It Duitsland Tour/IMM 2010. Unfortunately, in some cases I had the settings of my Canon EOS 450D screwed uo, so some pics are too light (I did try to repair them with Photoshop, but that goes only so far).