Racing Minis at Zandvoort
Photo: Copyright © 2019 Eelke Blok


Restored glory

Good news (which is slightly overdue). After last time's shameful news, I was a bit worried about what might have been damaged on the white Cooper. Luckily, the damage was kept to only the anchor plate and a misssing wheel nut. One of the Superfin brake drums also lost a few fins, but functionally, there was no problem, so it was reused. So, a new anchor plate, a spare wheel nut and some labour in Amersfoort later, the Cooper's glory was restored once again.

The weekend in which I also crippled the white Cooper, me and my dad took part in the "Kempen Trophy", a rally for Mini's (no...

Tomtom 4

It took a phone call, but I finally got a little attention to my second (which is essentially just the first) support request. After a whole three weeks! Hopefully, the next response does not take another three weeks.

Back again, Tomtom 3

Yes, we're back again, after two weeks of touring through Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany. Expect pictures and a more eloborate report on the site soon.

After coming back, the long anticipated patch for Tomtom 5 had appeared on the website (see blog-entry entitled Tomtom 2). After having cleared out most holiday packing, I installed TT 5 once again and installed patch 5.10 over it. Well, not entirely unsurprisingly (given Tomtom's support lack of any real analysing of my particular problem), the problems persisted. So, another support request to Tomtom two days ago, which up until...

Off on holidays

We'll be off on holidays for two weeks, starting in minutes! Down to Limburg, through Belgium and Luxembourg to Germany, and then up along the Mosel and Rhine rivers. More updates on everything when we're back, unless we find an Internet-connection somewhere along the way.

Tomtom 2

More than a week has passed since I filed a support request with Tomtom support, and since then I have had one useless response (every technical support engineer's good right ;), it's just that it took too long for them to come up with it) and one midly encouraging one, namely that Tomtom software development is working on a fix for my problem. However, as an answer to my question when I could expect the patch, they said they couldn't say and I would just have to check their website from time to time. So, again, to be continued...


For a while now I am happily running around with a PocketPC, a Dell Axim X50. Also sometimes called a PDA (personal digital asistent), it's a pocket computer that will act as an electronic agenda, address book, document reader, MP3 player, etc. One of the most interesting possibilities is installing personal navigation software on it, and one of the more well-known choices for that is Tomtom. It seemed Tomtom was at least a good (and cost-effective), if not the best choice.

There was a new version (Tomtom 5) due for some time, so I decided to wait for that. When it was finally...

New job

I have accepted a new job. I am currently in my last week at webMethods and after a week of vacation I will be starting at Aebizz at the first of May (well, second, as the first is a Sunday). I will continue working with webMethods products, but no longer at the technical support side solving other people's problems, but on the implementing side, creating my own (problems, that is).

IEEE address about to fail

I haven't been using my IEEE email address ( for some time now, since I have been planning to stop my membership of the IEEE. I have now received notice that they really finally will be stopping all services. If you don't have my new mail-address, use the feedback form on this site. Or, if you're clever, you can probably guess what my current address is.

I'm not putting the new address up on the site to stop it from being harvested by spammers (and believe me, that is one of the reasons for me to discontinue the IEEE alias; after having thrown it around on the web...

Happy newyear

It's a bit late for merry christmas, but happy newyear is still allowed, so here goes: HAPPY NEWYEAR!!

It's been a while since my last post and I just thought I needed to put in a quick update, basically just to say hi. Not terribly much news. Demelza got me a water proof radio for christmas, which means I can now listen to Giel while I am in the shower. Maybe that helps fighting that horrible morning-lag I get into.

No news on the Mini. Running OK, although she has developed a weird problem running idle; after a long drive the throttle seems to stick. Off tomorrow to Peter...