Racing Minis at Zandvoort
Photo: Copyright © 2019 Eelke Blok

Nothing much

Well, I made a promise to keep you up to date about the findings in Amersfoort with regard to the valve clearance and what not. Turns out, there is not much to update on. The valves needed a little adjusting, but nothing too concerning.

The changing idle speed is still not solved, only now it has changed from "often too fast, sometimes OK" to "often OK, sometimes much too slow". Since it has been in Amersfoort in between, Peter has probably just made the fast idle appear OK, but move the bottom end of the scale too far down in the process. I want to sort out the vaccuum hoses from the inlet manifold to the brake servo, since that turned out to be causing problems when we were at MiniSport last summer. Back then, the bad section, between the T-piece and the anti-runon valve was removed,
but the remaining bit probably isn't all that great anymore either. And since I heard vaccuum problems may cause problems with the idle speed, that just might be the Right Thing(tm).

Another interesting Mini-bit to know is that we had the first of a series of Mini Seven Club hangouts yesterday evening in Dordrecht.
There was a turnup of 30 people, which was great to see. Not disappointing by a long shot, and not so much that the place was too small either. Just right, really. We have four more planned, on
different locations in the country, so let's hope the other four will go as well as this one.

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