Engine of a Mini Seven racing Mini
Photo: Copyright © 2009 Eelke Blok

Newly painted roof for Cooper and straight through to garage

Last week, the Cooper has been at the spray painter. For some wacky reason, some paint chipped off the black roof. It's also been to the garage, because it wasn't running very smoothly any more.

On the roof, it looked like a ball or something like that skimmed it, because there was also a scratchy spot around it. The weird bit is that there's no dent. Anyway, the entire roof has been resprayed now, including a layer of clear coating, which apparently wasn't there before. Now I'm not sure whether the blackness on my cloth whenever I dried the car after washing was because I hadn't washed the car thoroughly enough (which I thought), or whether it was black paint coming of...

Anyway, since the weekend of 2 and 3 october, the car also didn't run very smoothly anymore. I wanted to have a pro take a look at it, so when it came back from the spray painter, it was straight through to the garage. It's an MG-oriented garage in Amersfoort, where my dad also brings his MG for maintenance. While at it, they can also have a look at the mystery of 15-odd missing bhp (the dyno session at MiniSport showed the engine is now producing 65 bhp, while given the spec it should be 75-80 - see the pictures in the picture section, starting with this one). First analysis by some people "in the know" is that it is valve timing. Makes sense.

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