Engine of a Mini Seven racing Mini
Photo: Copyright © 2009 Eelke Blok

Niet zoveel

Nou, ik had beloofd om een update te geven over de vorderingen in Amersfoort met betrekking tot de klepspeling en dergelijke. Het blijkt dat er niet veel te mlden is. De kleppen moesten een beetje bijgesteld worden, maar niets om over naar huis te schrijven.

Nothing much

Well, I made a promise to keep you up to date about the findings in Amersfoort with regard to the valve clearance and what not. Turns out, there is not much to update on. The valves needed a little adjusting, but nothing too concerning.

Stuck throttle

Stupid, stupid, stupid. If I had just taken the trouble to spray some WD40 or some such on the throttle disc pivot of the carburettor (as had shot through my head on a few occasions), it would probably have saved us a trip to Amersfoort. Peter, our mechanic, concluded that was the reason for the fast idling the white Cooper sometimes did lately. On the way back it did it once, but not as often as it used to do. Just a bit more grease?

Happy newyear

It's a bit late for merry christmas, but happy newyear is still allowed, so here goes: HAPPY NEWYEAR!!

It's been a while since my last post and I just thought I needed to put in a quick update, basically just to say hi. Not terribly much news. Demelza got me a water proof radio for christmas, which means I can now listen to Giel while I am in the shower. Maybe that helps fighting that horrible morning-lag I get into.

No news on the Mini. Running OK, although she has developed a weird problem running idle; after a long drive the throttle seems to stick. Off tomorrow to Peter...

Whoohoo! I am the champion!

Sorry for the loud title, but I am happy :) This weekend, we came third in the very last puzzle rally of the Mini Seven Club for the year 2004, which meant I secured my first place overall in the club championship!

It was quite exciting (if this is your thing), because the first three positions were still well in the race for the title. If I screwed up (has been known to happen) and the others did good (I won't bore you with all the maths), I'd loose the first place which I had just earned only two weeks ago.

But, the rally wasn't too difficult, and the scoring was favorable...

Doorsmeren en gescheurde homokineethoes

Dit weekend hebben we wat tijd uitgetrokken om het witte Coopertje een welverdiende wasbeurt te geven, met een doorsmeerbeurt als toetje (iets dat je bij Mini's nooit te vaak kunt doen). Afgezien van een ratel die ik verwoest heb bij het losdraaien van de wielmoeren (terwijl de moeren van het andere wiel nog vastgezet moesten worden), kwamen we er ook achter dat er een flinke scheur zat in de hoes van de linker homokineet. We brengen de auto volgende week naar de garage omdat dit niet een klus is die we zelf willen doen (niet genoeg vaardigheid en niet genoeg tijd). Wordt vervolgd...

Greasing up and torn HV joint cover

This weekend we took some time to give the white Cooper a well-earned wash, and a grease-up after that (something that can never be done too often on Mini's). Apart from a rattle I destroyed while trying to undo the wheel nuts (while the nuts of the other wheel still needed tighting up), we also found the cover of the left HV joint was torn badly. We'll get it to the garage this week, since this is not a job we want to take on ourselves (not enough skills and not enough time). To be continued.