Engine of a Mini Seven racing Mini
Photo: Copyright © 2009 Eelke Blok


... hello Checkmate

This post is a few days overdue, but I have been busy working and... driving my new car.

As I have reported before, the Mini2 was due for delivery on the 2nd of january. End of last week I did receive a slightly troubling email which said that the lease company received a change for the date and the car was now going to be delivered in the second week of the new year. A quick phone call to the dealer told me that the appointment still stood, and that they had no idea where that idea came from.

Sunday (1st of january) I had already had a peek inside and lo and behold, there...

It's getting close now

It has again been a long time since I last reported about the Mini2 situation. I am happy to say I now have an appointment to pick up the car. 2nd of january is gonna be the day I will be replacing the Peugeot 307 I have been driving ever since I handed over the red Cooper to a colleague, and I will be driving my brand new Mini Cooper Checkmate. So, less than a month to go! For a spec, see the last post I made about the subject (linked above).

How could it have been any different?

In hindsight, with all the setbacks I've experienced with the new Mini, the latest news can't really be a surprise to anyone.

Because a vehicle's value is largely determined by it's "build date" in Holland, which actually is the date it gets its license ("kenteken"), many lease companies refuse to take delivery of any cars after the 15th of november, and instead will only allow a license to be requested for it after the first of january of the next year (effectively gaining a year). Of course, how could it have been any different, my Checkmate will be delivered to the dealer in the...


It's been quiet on the new Mini front for quite a while. Last time I reported, I was trying to decide whether to get a white car at extra cost, or opting for another color. Neither option appealed to me at the time, really (especially because I don't believe a premium for white is justified in case of a Mini).

Since then, a lot has happened. First, word reached the Mini2 community that new colors were coming available for the 2006 model year; Solar Red and Space Blue. I especially liked the Solar Red, which was going to be a deep, metallic red.

Next, Hyper Blue, up till now...

Wonderful white

Quick update on the New Mini front. Unfortunately, the lease company let us know that white comes at quite a considerable extra cost (the logic behind this is that white cars are generally harder to sell than cars in other colours - hasn't anyone told them normal logic doesn't apply to Mini's? :)). The difference is so much that I am now looking at getting another color. The question is just, which one? There are really very few colors the Mini is available in that really appeal to me. One bright light at the horizon is that supposedly, Hyper Blue becomes available on the Cooper for the...

Driving a Cooper S

Well, already since the last update the red Cooper has found a new driver. My co-worker who wanted to take over the car was eager to start driving it, so I am now driving a rather anonymous Peugeot 307.

Last saturday, we payed a visit to Mini Den Haag, which is close to where Demelza lives, just to see what their story would be. I indicated in advance that I would like to drive a car with 17" wheels and/or the sport suspension plus and/or the automatic aircon. Well, the demo-car didn't have any of those... It was almost a clone of the red Cooper I have driven for a few days myself...