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DrupalJam talk: Drupal 8 Configuration Management

Last week, on wednesday May 24th, the annual Dutch Drupal conference DrupalJam had its 2017 edition in "De Fabrique" in Maarssen. After having been an attendee for quite some years, this time I submitted a proposal for a talk, which was accepted. I'm now happy to report the slides are available online: Drupal 8 Configuration Management, Workflows for Site Development.

The presentation uses Reveal.js, which means it has some neat tricks up its sleeve. You can have a look at the speaker notes bij pressing 's' (they're no secret) and zoom out to an overview of slides by pressing 'o' or esc. Should you want a print version, you can pass ?print-pdf as a GET-argument in the URL. It will look horrific on screen, but will come out OK on paper or in PDF form, provided you use Chrome or Chromium to do this (the presentation itself should work fine in any browser, although I've only really tested it in Safari on the Mac).

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