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Internet Explorer 6 is evil

It's now official (by word of the Eelke Committee of Approval), Internet Explorer 6 is evil. My advice if you want to see this site as it's intended? Upgrade your IE6 to 7, which at least tries to behave nicely (it has issues all of its own, of course...). Or better yet, why not try Firefox?

I noticed only a few days ago that the text on this site looked too
big in IE6 (yes, shame on me for not actually testing with it sooner...). Also, the top menu (where available) isn't correctly styled (it should be
aligned to the right, should be all caps, and entirely orange). And
finally, the menu on the left of the screen is placed too far right.

The big text I've fixed; was caused by a bug in IE6 where it just
forgets about certain defined styles when elements are nested too deep.
I'm pretty certain that the problems with the top-menu are due to the same issue, but trying to
fix it in a way that required the least hacking didn't work, because it
would also affect the left menu. So, I've given up on that one; with
Internet Explorer 7 out there, I expect a lot of people will upgrade
soon and I don't think it's worth spending any more time on getting my
site to look exactly right on IE6 anymore. I have better things to do with my time guys, sorry.

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