Racing Minis at Zandvoort
Photo: Copyright © 2019 Eelke Blok

Pictures back... kind of

The pictures section has been away from my site for a long time. I've been planning to put it back when I have converted my site to Joomla! and have been looking around for possible solutions. Now I'm happy to say it's back... kind of.

One big problem always was that I want to put far more pictures online than I can store on my web space. My solution used to be to host my pictures on my own personal server which runs at my place. The problem is, that if you want to run your own server, you have to keep it up to date as well, to keep your data secure. Which takes time, time I'd rather spend doing other things.

Enter Flickr. Flickr is a comunity driven, Web 2.0 site that is all about pictures. Showing your pictures to your friends, your family, and to the world. And watching other people's pictures and commenting on them. I got a pro subscription, which means you get unlimited storage space, unlimited numbers of pictures, unlimited sets (sort of like photo albums) and virtually unlimited uploading bandwidth (maximum 2GB. Heck, all the digital pictures I have offline isn't that much).

For the time being, you can have a look at my pictures at Once I get converted to Joomla, I'll have a lovely Joomla plugin that will show my Flickr pictures right here on this site. In the meantime, I'll slowly try and get all my pictures back online. I've started with the pictures of our holiday, including a visit to the Classic Le Mans event in France.

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