Engine of a Mini Seven racing Mini
Photo: Copyright © 2009 Eelke Blok

No more comments and overall update

It has been a long time since the last update, as usual. I have been extremely busy. Demelza asked me to develop a site for her to get some professional presence on the web. It's coming together nicely, but between my job and the day to day work at the Mini Seven Club site I have very little time left for some development work. Something else that has been bothering me are spam comments on this very blog, so I switched off commenting completely.

This'll at least foil the bastards (pardon the French, but this is really
how I feel about people that waste other people's bandwidth and litter
their site with crap about porn, viagra and whatever else they want to
sell) that are going through the "normal" way of entering comments.
However, I also have a feeling at least some are going through some SQL
injection leak in the blog software, so I may still have some work left.

This is all in anticipation of a new version of this site, which will at first have a different commenting mechanism (so commenting will be back when I get that site out the door, yay!). This will hopefully keep spammers occupied for some time while they figure out how to enter comments automatically for that new mechanism (if they'll even bother). The new site will also allow me at a later date to plug in a full-blown spam protection mechanism that blocks spammers at the root; they will not even be able to get the site's pages. I am also planning to make that site multi-lingual, so that all my Dutch friends will also be able to read the site in their own language. This will all be based on Joomla!, which I'm getting into in a big way, lately (Demelza's site, which I mentioned above, will also be based on it).

Hopefully, I'll be able to do a few more updates in not too much time. There's much to tell about the white Cooper, which has seen a lot of action since the last update. On the Checkmate there is a little less to tell. It's almost at 40.000 km in about two thirds of a year, without any significant problems. I'd still like to to an update, though, commenting on my day-to-day experiences with a new Mini.

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