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Tomtom 5 - Final Word

Well, end to another story. Last week I received a phone call from Tomtom support. They had a solution to my problem. They needed me to send them my PDA and GPS receiver, on which they would then install some software that would allow me to use the GPS receiver.

As it happens, I bought another GPS receiver only a week earlier, so I was less then excited about this offer, and declined because I need my PDA daily.

I was pleasantly surprised, though, when I looked in my inbox today, where I found a reply notification for my support request. In it, they referred to the phone call, and expressed their regret I had to buy another GPS receiver. They also offered a one year free subscription to the speed camera POI information, so that I will be warned whenever I come close to a speed camera.

This restores my faith in Tomtom customer service a bit. At least it shows it's not a lack of willingness. The lady on the phone also told me they have some more people at the support desk, so maybe their response times will improve also. Do note that my first post on this subject is dated june 24th, so that's over three months to get a "solution" (if the particular solution offered would have actually solved the problem, that is).

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