Engine of a Mini Seven racing Mini
Photo: Copyright © 2009 Eelke Blok

Joining the Blog community

Wow, finally. The past few months I have been running around with the idea to add a blog to my site. Blog is short for weblog; a log on the web. You're looking at the very first entry in my blog right now. Blogs are one of those hypy things that are actually quite cool. You can add quick updates to your site without touching much HTML, never mind FTP tools and other dirty-hands-type webdevelopment stuff. I chose bBlog for the job, since it's free, open source, and has some pretty cool features.

I had to develop my own template, though, to blend bBlog into the site. Which actually introduced me into the wonderful world of Smarty, a PHP templating engine. I might actually start using this stuff for my own PHP coding endeavours as well; pretty cool.

Anyway, it's finished now, so expect updates on stuff done to the Minis, the MG, new additions to the site, and whatever else. I've got some overdue updates to the site coming, so expect them to be reported in the blog soon.

One of the cool things about blogs is that you, as a visitor, can leave comments. I know the site is mostly in English, but since a lot of the visitors will be Dutch, go ahead and post comments in Dutch, if you want. Just click on "x comments/trackbacks" below to read comments left by others and leave your own comment. Please let me know what you think!

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