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Hans Liberg

Yesterday evening, I went to a show by Hans Liberg, by invitation of my girlfriend's parents. With a party of five (parents, grandma, Demelza and me) we went off to the Rijswijkse Schouwburg to see Hans' show Tatata.

In case you don't know Hans Liberg, he presents comical shows, with a lot of music. He plays the piano, guitar, and several other instruments and basically makes musical jokes, playing (with) well known music. (For example, this show featured, among others, Beethoven's Fifth, Gloria and the Nokia Tune). In 1997, Hans won an Emmy Award for his work. Tatata is his latest show, with which he will be touring through the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Austria. In this show he is flanked by a drummer and a guitarist, which gives a whole new flavour to his style. If you don't know him, see if you can find one of his recorded shows (they appear regularly on Dutch TV) or better yet, go and see this one live! I found it great.

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