DIY multi-socket travel-adapter

As you may or may not know, power plugs are different in mainland Europe and the UK. The power itself, though, is fully compatible, so you can adapt an electric appliance fairly easily by plugging in a simple adapter into a UK power outlet, and the European appliance into the other end of the adapter. Obviously, you need one adapter per device. Over the years I have visited the UK numerous times, and I collected a fair number of these. I even have several replacement power plugs for Apple devices, directly replacing the European plug on the Apple power adapters.

The last time I was in the UK, I came across a DIY power plug in a super store, and an idea jumped in my head. What if I bought one of those power strips back in Holland and replaced its plug with this UK one? Instant adapter Utopia! So, I bought the plug, and back home I did exactly that. The last couple of weeks we were in the UK again, and I got to use my Frankenstrip:

Power strip with European sockets and UK plug.
Frankenstrip in use with several power adapters and battery chargers.

Of course, this could work the other way around as well; pick up a European plug and attach it to a UK powerstrip. When you do this, try and pick up a plug that will work both with the edge earth connection that is used in e.g. the Netherlands and Germany, as well as pin earth used in France, so your Frankenstrip will be as versatile as possible. The plug should look something like this:

European power plug with edge and pin earth indicated.

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