Google gets you the domain name you deserve

It looks like Google may send traffic your way for domain names you don’t even own. How?

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Extremely funny. For programmers, that is. Via @berkes.

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Changing a user’s password in OpenX 2.8

The user management of OpenX is a little confusing if you are used to other systems. There is a blog-post about the user system on the OpenX-blog giving a good overview.

One aspect that they seem to have forgotten is dat users may want to change their password. A “I forgot my password” link is provided, but other than that there is no way to change your password.

If for some reason the password-recovery is not an option, it is possible to change the password directly in the database. The password is md5-hashed, so you can use a query like this:

UPDATE ox_users SET password=MD5('password') WHERE username='johndoe';

Obviously, you will need to change “password” to whatever you want to set the password to, and the username to the user you want to change.

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No more multi-language

So you may see a few weird menu items, blog posts and/or categories. This is because I disabled the WPML (multi-language) plugin. Recently, they went commercial and since then (or thereabouts) I’ve had trouble updating. Then, my server was hacked. I am not in the least way implying this was due to WPML, but the fact is that it was out of date along with three other plugins. The others I could update. WPML, not so much.

Since it really is not much more than a gimmick, I decided to switch off the plugin, which means all content is now mixed on the one site. Not sure what to do with it just yet, I may actually split the site up into some more dedicated sites, which can be either Dutch or English.

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Lego MindStorms digital clock

I can’t wait until my kid will be old enough to play with Lego (OK, so that may be slightly premature, considering we’re due in april). Maybe I shouldn’t look for excuses and just get some. This stuff is so cool. Incidentally, the numbers are black on white. Believe it or not, I took a few seconds to realize that.

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Piccies of 2011 holiday

Rosecraddoc Mannor - 09

I warned you this blog would be about anything I like. So just a quick post to say I’ve put my holiday pictures up on Flickr.

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Finding number of Drupal-nodes created per hour in a single query

For a customer I’ve been running an import of old content into a Drupal installation and I got the feeling that the process seemed to run slower and slower. We say “meten is weten” in Dutch (“measuring is knowing”), so I wondered if it was possible to write a single SQL query to find out how many nodes were created per hour since the start of the import. This is the query I came up with:

SELECT FLOOR((node.changed - 1304604369) / 3600) AS hour, COUNT(nid)  FROM node WHERE node.changed >= 1304604369 GROUP BY hour;

The “magic number” is the value of the changed field for the first imported node, so you need to find that first. Note, it is used twice in the query; once to calculate the hour since the start of the import, then to limit the number of nodes returned in the WHERE-clause.

You may want to exchange the changed field to the created field instead, but in my case that field contained the original post date, which was meaningless in this context.

The query produced a neat row of hours since the start of the import and number of nodes imported in that houer, which you can then easily paste into a spreadsheet and create some awesome graphs with. It clearly showed my import had an exponential decline, which proofed my gut feeling. Patience…

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Video: Getting Started with Apache Solr

None of this Drupalified “there’s a module for that” stuff. This is hard core, direct talking to Solr

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Wall Street Journal: What Part of ‘Mini’ Did You Not Grasp, BMW?

This reviewer from the Wall Street Journal puts into words what has been my opinion about the Mini Countryman for a while. It’s great my dad still gets to drive a Mini because of it, it’s a great drive, I might even consider it myself if I was really pressed for space. But…

We’d never build a full-size Mini truck, would we, Meine Herren? The Germans burst into gales of laughter: Hah. Hah. Hah. Hah. Never a D-segment sedan? Again, Das ist nicht moglich!

Then Klaus from marketing pipes in: But we could sell a few thousand more cars if we just made them bigger.

Mind you, I think Mini is selling quite a few more Countrymans than “a few thousand”.

Via MotoringFile

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Paul Irish: 10 Things I Learned from the jQuery Source

Apparently, I am late to the game, but this is a really interesting video. Edit: Not to mention that this Paul Irish guy is the good kind of crazy. Mothereffing awesome!

Paul Irish : 10 Things I Learned from the jQuery Source from yayQuery on Vimeo.

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