As you may have learned from the page about my parent’s Mini Cooper
, I’m not the only Blok crazy about classics. In addition to
the Mini and a Volvo V40 T4 as daily cars, my dad also owns an MG B for
touring around in during summer. And it certainly deserves a place on
the web, so here it is.

  • 1976 MG B Tourer (i.e. open-top roadster) USA-spec
  • Flame Red/Black vinyl (body/hood)
  • 1.8 engine
  • Double S.U HS4 carburettors
  • K&N ‘cone’ air filters (standard spec was single carb with ‘boxed-in’
  • Part exchange fourspeed gearbox with electrical overdrive on third
    and fourth gear.
  • 15″ Minator wheels (8-spoke Minilite style)
  • Lowered suspension (brought to a height comparable to chrome bumpered
    Bs, fixing, in my opinion, the biggest cosmetic problem of the rubber
    bumper models: their rediculous ride height).
  • European tail-lights inst. of original American ones
  • Moto-Lita steering wheel

And here are the mandatory pics. Forgot to take a snap of the engine
bay. Darn!


Here you can see the license plate moved from the front
of the bumper to underneith the bumper. Looks soooo much better.


And this is what the interior looks like. Again Moto-Lita,
just like the Mini. The gearstick is a tell-tale sign of the gearbox with
overdrive. The old sunburnt dash (Californian sun is not good for
car interiors) has recently been replaced by a new one, shame you can’t
tell from this picture. The Blaupunkt head unit completely fits in. Much
better than the tatty JVC unit that used to be in its place.

If you’re interested in MGs, here are some starting points.

MG Car Club Holland
MG Owner’s Club

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