One of my big hobbies is cars in general and classics in particular. This interest has led to me owning a Mini Cooper. It's from 1991, so strictly speaking it's not a classic, but that is only a technicallity, considering the Mini has changed very little between its introduction in 1959 and the last model of 2000.

My Mini has been completely restored in the winter and spring of 2002/2003. Click on the "White Cooper" link to the top of the page to learn more.

It was a long time ago I actually caught the Mini virus, when I was still a little man, riding along in the back seat of my mum's Mini. Although she was driving a practical and cheap runabout for the past twelve years, she recently found her way back to the straight and narrow; pushed by my dad, my parents bought a 1997 Mini Cooper Brooklands, at the same time the restoration of my Mini started. Click on the "Brooklands" link to the top of the page to learn more.

I have owned the white Cooper since 2000 and have driven it as a daily driver for years, until may 2005, when I got a new job for which I was given a lease car. I had to make do with an anonymous French contraption for a few months, but as of january 2006, I am driving around daily in a 2006 Mini Cooper Checkmate. You guessed it, it has its own section right here; click in "Checkmate" for more.

For the last car you'll find on these pages I have to admit I'm not the owner; I'm not the only Blok crazy about classics. As you can read above, my parents own a Mini, just like me. In addition to the Mini and a Volvo V40 T4 as daily cars, my dad also owns an MG B for touring around in during summer. And it certainly deserves a place on the web, so again, find a link inthe menu above.

One last thing worth mentioning is where two of my hobbies (one being Mini's, the other being building websites) meet: the website of the Mini Seven Club Nederland. I designed it (both the layout and programming) and am responsible for the day-to-day maintenance.

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