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Running Drupal Javascript tests on Vagrant

The last three days, I was at the code sprint for the Drupal Camp Munich 2016, hosted at the Hubert Burda Media offices. It was a great experience. It was my first community code sprint, I’ve met some great people and I’ve learned a ton in three days. I have to thank the organizers of […]

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Debugging Drush with Eclipse and XDebug

Update 15/4/2017: This is a fairly old post, by now. I’ve done a more recent post on debugging drush on a setup with PhpStorm and Vagrant. Drush is a command line tool to interact with the Drupal Open Source CMS (Get it? DRUpal SHell). It is an invaluable tool that many Drupal developers love once […]

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Finding number of Drupal-nodes created per hour in a single query

For a customer I’ve been running an import of old content into a Drupal installation and I got the feeling that the process seemed to run slower and slower. We say “meten is weten” in Dutch (“measuring is knowing”), so I wondered if it was possible to write a single SQL query to find out […]

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Drupal Search Engine Optimization and modules that get it done

Nice presentation from Drupal Dojo getting you right up to speed with SEO in Drupal. Original article: Drupal Search Engine Optimization & the modules that get it done @ Drupal Dojo

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DrupalCon CPH2010 photo set

It’s taken a while, but I finally made some time to sort out my pictures from DrupalCon Copenhagen 2010. Everything is on Flickr, as usual. Eelke’s DrupalCon Copenhagen 2010 pictures.

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Lullabot: Assembling Pages with Drupal

David Burns of Lullabot makes a comparison of using Panels and Context for building page layouts in Drupal. Go to the original article »

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Henrik Sjökvist: The benefits of centralized contrib hosting

I’ve recently been saying that one big advantage Drupal and WordPress have over Joomla is the centralized hosting of “third party” contributions (plugins/extensions/modules). Yes, Joomla has the extensions directory, but come actually downloading the software, you get directed to the individual developer’s island website to do the download (where you might actually need to first […]

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Goodbye Joomla, hello WordPress

And once again, I have changed the platform under my personal site. Why? Like we say in Holland: “Gewoon, omdat het kan” (“Just because it can be done”) 🙂

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