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Concept: My hopes and dreams for Apple TV

The illustrations on this article are from the excellent Apple TV UI Concept by Andrew Ambrosino. They have little to do with the ideas I put forward in this post, but they sure do look pretty. I have been an Apple TV owner on and off since the very first one from 2007. It wasn’t […]

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HomeBrew vs. MacPorts (vs. Fink)

High level overview of the differences between these systems. As I am re-installing my Mac, I thought I’d first do a little research before defaulting to MacPorts (which feels somewhat natural considering I have some BSD in my past). I think I will go for HomeBrew this time around, just for the heck of it. […]

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TUAW: Mac Mini gets a sneaky update: spec bump, unibody enclosure, HDMI

Wow… The Mac Mini has received an update. It now has HDMI, a new, sexy case (aluminium, unibody and much lower) and some other nice spec updates. But especially the HDMI and the new form factor scream “move over AppleTV, I’m going for the living room”. Now we just have to wait for Apple to […]

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Cult of Mac: Microsoft: HTML5 is the Web’s Future

Apple gets support from an unlikely ally. Go to the original article »

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