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WordPress Quick Flickr Widget with cURL

Of course, you put a site live, and you run into trouble. Turns out the widget I chose for displaying my Flickr photostream uses the file_get_contents() PHP function to fetch the contents of the Flickr feed. Whether this is at all possible is governed by the PHP setting allow_url_fopen, and my hosting provider has it […]

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Cult of Mac: Microsoft: HTML5 is the Web’s Future

Apple gets support from an unlikely ally. Go to the original article »

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Goodbye Joomla, hello WordPress

And once again, I have changed the platform under my personal site. Why? Like we say in Holland: “Gewoon, omdat het kan” (“Just because it can be done”) 🙂

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phpBB Blog: “The Myth of the Genius Programmers”

A very interesting talk by two Google engineers and its ramifications on the phpBB project. Even if you’re not into phpBB, the Google talk is very interesting for anyone in Open Source. Which is why I’m embedding it here 🙂 I especially love the term “bus factor”. Go to the original article »

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Foto’s ‘iPhone HD’ duiken op na vondst op vloer café

Nieuwe geruchten over de ‘iPhone HD’ op Tweakers. Go to the original article »

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