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Zaterdag om je voor te schamen

Het ziet er naar uit dat ik me heb verplicht om alles te rapporteren dat zich afspeelt in mijn mobiele leven, dus zou het niet eerlijk zijn om alleen de leuke dingen (en de min-of-meer slechte, zie de geschiedenis met de chroomstrips) te melden, maar ook de slechte en beschamende dingen. Dus daar gaat ‘ie […]

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Shameful saturday

Looks like I've commited to reporting everything that happens in my automotive live, so it wouldn't be fair to only report about the good times (and the moderately bad, see chrome trim episodes), but also the bad and shameful times. So, here goes…

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After my IEEE address has seized funcitoning (finally), my anti-spam regime is finally paying off. I don’t get any spam! And should spam start arriving on any of the aliases I have left around the Internet, I’ll know who’s been naughty, and I can cut them off at the click of a button. But, spammers […]

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Tomtom 4

It took a phone call, but I finally got a little attention to my second (which is essentially just the first) support request. After a whole three weeks! Hopefully, the next response does not take another three weeks.

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Sitting close to the street

One of the key characteristics you often hear about driving a Mini is that you are sitting so close to the street. Last weekend, I found out that I would have almost been sitting much closer to the street than is dear to me.

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