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It’s been quiet on the new Mini front for quite a while. Last time I reported, I was trying to decide whether to get a white car at extra cost, or opting for another color. Neither option appealed to me at the time, really (especially because I don’t believe a premium for white is justified […]

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Trim trouble… no more

Yes! After having reported about the not-so-great attempt at fitting new chrome trim to the white Cooper, we put a lot of thought into how to proceed. I considered paying someone with a proven track record numerous times, although the thought that we should be able to do this was always present too. One thing […]

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Camshaft timed

Finally! After over a year (when we visited MiniSport, who told me the engine is down on BHP and compression, and the first thing to check was valve timing), the camshaft timing was checked. It looks like there was indeed a big problem in this area, namely a missing tensioner for the timing chain, which […]

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Nokkenas op tijd gezet

Eindelijk! Na meer dan een jaar (toen we bij MiniSport waren, waar me verteld werd dat er te weinig vermogen en te weinig compressie in de motor zit, en dat het eerste dat gecontroleerd moest worden de kleppentiming was), is de nokkenas nu op tijd gezet. Het lijkt erop dat er inderdaad een groot probleem […]

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Back again, Tomtom 3

Yes, we’re back again, after two weeks of touring through Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany. Expect pictures and a more eloborate report on the site soon. After coming back, the long anticipated patch for Tomtom 5 had appeared on the website (see blog-entry entitled Tomtom 2). After having cleared out most holiday packing, I installed TT […]

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