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Niet zoveel

Nou, ik had beloofd om een update te geven over de vorderingen in Amersfoort met betrekking tot de klepspeling en dergelijke. Het blijkt dat er niet veel te mlden is. De kleppen moesten een beetje bijgesteld worden, maar niets om over naar huis te schrijven.

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Nothing much

Well, I made a promise to keep you up to date about the findings in Amersfoort with regard to the valve clearance and what not. Turns out, there is not much to update on. The valves needed a little adjusting, but nothing too concerning.

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Stuck throttle

Stupid, stupid, stupid. If I had just taken the trouble to spray some WD40 or some such on the throttle disc pivot of the carburettor (as had shot through my head on a few occasions), it would probably have saved us a trip to Amersfoort. Peter, our mechanic, concluded that was the reason for the […]

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Happy newyear

It’s a bit late for merry christmas, but happy newyear is still allowed, so here goes: HAPPY NEWYEAR!! It’s been a while since my last post and I just thought I needed to put in a quick update, basically just to say hi. Not terribly much news. Demelza got me a water proof radio for […]

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