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Whoohoo! I am the champion!

Sorry for the loud title, but I am happy 🙂 This weekend, we came third in the very last puzzle rally of the Mini Seven Club for the year 2004, which meant I secured my first place overall in the club championship! It was quite exciting (if this is your thing), because the first three […]

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Check out

My sweet girlfriend has her own blog since a few days. Check it out at (click Blog).

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New CV joint cover (and brake pads, steering rod ends, oil…)

What started as a quicky over to Peter Seegers in Amersfoort (thanks dad!) to get a torn CV joint cover replaced (see previous entry) and the oil renewed (wowza, finally, practically no oil has been required to top up in the meantime) became a bit more of a bank-breaker.

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Nieuwe homokineethoes (en remblokken, stuurstangen, olie…)

Wat begon als een snel bezoekje aan Peter Segers in Amersfoort (bedankt pa!) om een homokineethoes te vervangen (zie de vorige post) en de olie te verversen (whow, eindelijk heb ik er nauwelijks olie bij hoeven gooien in de tussentijd) liep wat meer in de papieren.

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