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Doorsmeren en gescheurde homokineethoes

Dit weekend hebben we wat tijd uitgetrokken om het witte Coopertje een welverdiende wasbeurt te geven, met een doorsmeerbeurt als toetje (iets dat je bij Mini’s nooit te vaak kunt doen). Afgezien van een ratel die ik verwoest heb bij het losdraaien van de wielmoeren (terwijl de moeren van het andere wiel nog vastgezet moesten […]

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Greasing up and torn HV joint cover

This weekend we took some time to give the white Cooper a well-earned wash, and a grease-up after that (something that can never be done too often on Mini’s). Apart from a rattle I destroyed while trying to undo the wheel nuts (while the nuts of the other wheel still needed tighting up), we also […]

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End of year excitement

Last sunday, me and Demelza participated in the “Achterhoekrit”, yet another rally (not a speed event, but puzzles) for Mini’s, also counting for the club championship for the Mini Seven Club. It was a nice rally, and we came 5th out of 70 teams. This meant I am now at 1st place in the club […]

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Yesterday evening, we took the white Cooper to Flevoland, to participate in the bi-weekly Flevovos. This is short for Flevovossenjacht, and vossenjacht is Dutch for fox hunt. Now, don’t worry, we haven’t started taking up that nasty habbit of some inhabitants of the UK to hunt a real fox through the countryside on horseback with […]

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Whipers whiping once more

As I wrote in yesterday’s entry, the windscreen whiper cable had broken on the white Cooper. My dad went to Mini Centre Huissen today to get a new one. This evening we fitted everything back together. We had to cut the cable in half, or thereabouts (universal model that was waaaay to long for the […]

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